Energy Saving

Below is some information about ways I can help you save energy around the home. In times when gas prices are constantly on the rise it is well worth exploring these to use less gas and save money.

In order to achieve the correct temperature in any room in your property it is important that the radiator is sized correctly. In this way a radiator will work as efficiently as possible so that the output of heat is correct for the room size.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) are a great way of controlling the temperature in each room where a radiator is fitted. TRV’s allow each room to be set to a desired temperature. When the individual room reaches the set temperature the TRV will shut off that radiator, thus preventing unnecessary heating. When the room cools the TRV will open allowing more heat to pass through the radiator.

Room Thermostats are now a minimum requirement when any new boiler is installed. The boiler will turn off when, the room where the room thermostat is located, has reached the set required temperature. This means that you are only heating your house as much as you need to. To make further energy savings, why not go one step further and install a programmable room thermostat, so that you can schedule your boiler on/off times for a typical 7-day week.