We are committed to the improvement of the services we offer and attend regular training days to ensure that we stay informed about developments within the industry. Here is a list of courses that we’ve attended:

  • 22.06.15 BPEC Unvented G3 DHW, Belper Centre of Excellence
  • 18.05.15 Essential Electrics, Ideal, Leeds Training Centre
  • 29.05.14 Vaillant eco TEC Level 2, Belper Centre of Excellence
  • 23.05.14 Veismann Vitodens 100 domestic range, Telford
  • 11.04.14 Vaillant eco TEC Level 1, Belper Centre of Excellence
  • 24.02.14 Ideal Logic Training, Leeds Training Centre
  • 10.02.14 Worcester i Junior course, Wakefield Training Academy
  • 13.11.13 Mr Combi Fault Finding Course, Bedford
  • 30.07.13 Danfoss Heating Controls, Doncaster Gas Training
  • 3.05.13 Baxi Training Day, Leeds College of Building
  • 8.02.13 Ravenheat Training Day, Leeds
  • 16.01.12 Gas Fitting Operatives ACS, bpec, Energy Training Centre, Notts CEN1, CENWAT, CKR1, CPA1, HTR1, MET2.
  • 27.6.07 2.1 Bsc Geography, University of Sheffield